"Hi! My name is Maisie Williams. I’m from Game of Thrones, and the one thing I would like people to remember from season three is the fact that my whole family got murdered."

Batman: Arkham Knight


Harley Quinn in Batman: Arkham Knight

Of course I’m dangerous. I’m police. I can do terrible things to people with impunity. 

movies i would kill for, 2/?:

army of darkness 2

shaken from the bloodbath that claimed the lives of her brother and friends, mia seeks shelter in the first place she can find: a local s-mart, a ’90s relic past its prime and the only surviving store in a former strip mall.

before she can wipe the blood off her face and drown her sorrows in a jumbo slushie, there’s fresh blood spraying over the linoleum, the hot dog counter guy starts levitating, and mia realizes things are far from over.

good thing there’s an array of affordable weapons at her disposal. and that strange guy from housewares might prove helpful in a crisis, too…


Elle Fanning photographed by Victoria Will

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