"You seek to threaten me with d e a t h? If you seek to threaten me, threaten me with  l i f e."

"…Morphine. Is it an addiction?"
victor: “Yes.”
"…Caused by what?"
victor: “…Pain.”


"It was like this when I found it… Your hair looks really pretty."

Carcassonne - 17.07.2014

Endless List of Favourite Relationships (TV Series Edition):

  • Lou Solverson and Greta Grimly (Fargo)

You’re the granddaughter I always wanted but was afraid to buy online.



Natalie Portman - Closer (2004)

nothing scares me anymore


It’s just a couple of secs, but a relaxed, happy and seriously fit Cillian at the Galway Arts Festival today during a featured talk, "The Enduring Appeal of the Mixtape," with the brothers who run Irish music blog Fractured Air. From a short video of week 1 festival highlights. (X)


So proud best mother



a sci-fi series set in a universe with an alien who regenerates instead of dies, and thus can live indefinitely? wow, cool! said alien picking up human companions and showing them the strength and brilliance they carry within themselves? absolutely! young-looking regeneration having a relationship with one of them despite being 2000? sure, why not! same alien regenerating into an older man and continuing relationship? wow thats kind of